Bead by Bead written by Angela Smith

Fair trade jewelry providing economic opportunity through women’s empowerment worldwide.
It began with Michele and her friend Celeste…
They had a vision and a dream, and faith that God would do the rest.
Their souls heard the cries of women everywhere…
Whose stories of pain…was too much to bear
Women all over were being beaten and abused…
Savagely raped, sold and used.
No home, no shoes, no food for their child…
Mothers losing hope as their problems piled
Still, others were struggling with addictions and disease
Lost to a world with no hope to seize
Within their hearts.… they heard a need,
And knew they could help ….. bead by bead
So with lots of faith and one little bead
They went straight to work filling ever need
They listened to God and took His lead
As He promised to guide them…… bead by bead
They worked long and hard in assembling their team
With ladies like Carrie, Anna, and Ms. Arlene
There’s Joni, Lori, and the Tracys too,
Who see our struggles and love us through
They called on Stacy, Deb, Hollis and Veronica
And found those in pain like myself and Monica
They found a way to restore dignity and respect
In women who knew only abuse and neglect…
They trusted their dream and gave God their fear
And today their work is in countries far and near
So from ladies all over, we say thank you so much
For your love, your patience, your guidance and such
We are all so grateful ….. you believed in your passion
And for restoring hope through FASHION AND COMPASSION!!!

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  • Susan G. on Aug 08, 2017

    Thank you for hearing His call and obeying!
    Bless you all and may He continue to bless Fashion and Compassion abundantly!

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