It’s Not About the Jewelry

Fair trade jewelry providing economic opportunity through women’s empowerment worldwide.

Since we began our work with empowering women, we’ve had a saying around our jewelry projects:

“It’s not about the jewelry”


It’s not about the jewelry because Fashion & Compassion is more than a do good jewelry brand. We love beautiful jewelry and accessories, but FAR more, we love the women (and a few men) we serve in Charlotte and around the world. We strive to love them as Jesus would – without judgment, accepting them for where they are yet challenging them to grow into the fullest expression of their God-given purpose. Making jewelry is merely the tool we use to create beautiful, diverse communities of women who are courageously overcoming challenges in pursuit of this purposeful life. So, “it’s not about the jewelry” – it is about the life change that happens as we sit together and string beads, share a meal, our hearts and our faith with one another.

Last year, with the help of local churches, we added 2 new jewelry projects in Charlotte and one in Atlanta. In a time where our communities are fractured by division, mistrust, and hatred, our jewelry project communities are oases of love, acceptance, and empowerment where women from diverse backgrounds build deep and abiding trust. Here are a few brief highlights of what we’ve seen…

  • Women, we call Artisans, in projects in Charlotte and Rwanda collected donations for other Artisans in need: In Charlotte, the community supported an Artisan’s family who lost everything in an apartment fire; in Rwanda, they came around an Artisan who was sick.
  • Women from generational poverty in Charlotte have found permanent jobs, are returning to school and are dreaming about their own solutions to the challenges our communities face.
  • Two Artisans in Ecuador who were formerly trafficked have started college!
  • Our partner project in Mexico has been reaching out to nearby communities that sustained significant damage in the recent earthquake by providing meals to rescue workers and survivors.
  • Nearly 50 women we’ve served in Charlotte have gotten jobs so far this year!

Earlier this year we implemented a new program in Charlotte called an “Artisan Empowerment Plan” that helps our Artisans identify God-sized dreams and breaks them down into bite-sized milestones. The Artisans’ dreams may be emotional, spiritual or physical (such as a need for food, housing or employment). We walk alongside each woman and utilize Charlotte’s vast community resources to help them chart a path toward those God-sized dreams.

We don’t hire women based on their skills in jewelry-making or crafts, we hire them because they are in need of hope, empowerment, and purpose. During our jewelry projects, you will find us working with our Artisans on their Empowerment Plans, counseling and praying with Artisans as well as training them in jewelry-making. We aren’t striving for our projects to be models of manufacturing efficiency, rather our projects are loving communities where women connect with God, one another and the resources they need as they pursue self-sustaining lives of purpose.

Since “it’s not about the jewelry”, the sales of our jewelry and other products are not enough to cover the cost of our programs. Would you prayerfully consider joining our team of monthly sponsors? 

We have 3 different levels of Artisan Sponsorship:




Make a one-time gift

These funds support the Artisans in our Jewelry Project Communities as we connect them with a loving, supportive community, to local resources to help them achieve their dreams and provide opportunities for women to connect with God.

All monthly sponsors will receive a hand-written note and one-of-a-kind bracelet designed and made by one of our Charlotte-based artisans!

We love to hear from you – please share your thoughts, encouragement, and prayers below.

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