Love & Baya Bracelets

Love is in the little things; it’s in the little ways we live. Like wearing a mask to help protect the lives and lungs of those around us. It’s looking for ways to love others in this unsure and uncertain season.


Love is in the listening that it takes to show someone we are really there. It’s in the slowing down and the staring long, even if locking eyes with the ones we love looks like a video chat or photos shared back and forth.


Love is lending our hands and hearts to support those most in need. It’s looking out for the ones who might not be in a hospital with Covid-19 but who, nevertheless, are walking through hopelessness and hardship because of it.


Love is looking beyond ourselves to see where we can donate dollars or shop at stores that stand for causes with contagious compassion. It’s leaning into the unwanted, yet unrelenting, lesson of life right now—that simple is okay and that a new normal doesn’t mean leaving behind the things we love. It’s loving the same people and places for all of the same reasons, all the while learning new ways and reasons to love them more.


Love is in the way our artisans sit around in socially-distanced circles, stringing small shellacked acai seeds into our beautiful Baya Bracelets. Love is in the little things that aren’t so little at all, like the acai seed—one of the smallest but yet most powerfully nutrient-potent seeds of all.


Love is living slow and letting go of the ways that stop us from doing so. It’s looking into the eyes of the ones we love—our children, our wives and husbands, our best friends—and seeing beyond the distance and into their souls; seeing through the masks to recognize their smiles. It’s breathing in fresh air and sitting outdoors, under the sun, celebrating anniversaries and birthdays with small crowds in safe spaces.


It’s laying down our lives for the sake of those we love and are worth our love, like the kind of love with which the Lord loves us. 


Love is in the air, more than any thing that threatens to limit our livelihood or lives. So let’s let little be the way we live, this season. Let’s let it be the way we laugh and love and celebrate and shop.


May you lean into the lesson of finding love in the little. Then, let it lead you right back to our little boutique, where we live and love in the littlest ways—all to lessen the gap between the lives of our artisans and hope.
Rachel Kang is a writer of prose, poems, and other pieces, and the creator of Indelible Ink Writers, an online community of creatives. You can connect with her at rachelmariekang.comand follow her on Twitter & Instagram @rachelmariekang.

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