Human Trafficking 101: Your Money Matters

We’ve all heard the phrases “shop small”, “artisan made” & “fair-trade”, but what do they really mean? We’re so glad you asked!

When it comes to the trafficking industry, the words “fair trade” can be the difference between unfair wages & non-existent labor laws OR investing in the stability & well being of underserved communities around the world as they work towards a better future.

We know that might sound a little over dramatic, but it’s true & the way people are treated & their quality of life matter a lot to us. Unfortunately the trafficking industry doesn’t share that same view, because in their world, it’s all about the money.

And whether we realize it or not, most of us have unintentionally worn or consumed a product that was made by a trafficking victim. Yikes!

This includes clothes, shoes, chocolate, produce, coffee – the list goes on. The production of consumer goods made through forced labor is so vast, that the United States Department of Labor decided to compile a list of 139 goods, from 75 countries that are made by trafficking victims.

It’s easy to get ourselves tangled in the trafficking web without even realizing it & that’s exactly why phrases like “ethically made”, “artisan made” & “fair trade” are SO important.

When purchasing these items, the initial cost might be higher, but the long-term effects are priceless! And when we consume consciously, at least we can rest easy knowing that our dollars are providing a path towards betterment vs. bondage.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your dollars can make a difference, one of our favorite tools is a website called Slavery Footprint! You’ll be able to enter where you live, information about your consumption habits/lifestyle & it will send you a detailed breakdown of how many slaves “work for you”.

Our entire staff has taken the quiz and it’s really eye opening! It’s helped us understand where we need to make adjustments in our own lives & how we can help create a free world through our financial decisions.

There are also tons of great books & documentaries out there! Some of our favorites are True Cost, In Plain Sight, Half the SkyNot For Sale


Next week we’ll walk you through what kind of people are most at-risk for being trafficked & give you some signs to look for if you think someone might be in trouble! Be sure to check back and thank you so much for following along!

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