Sabahar Throw/Towel


Where it's made

Sabahar is an Ethiopian company that produces uniquely designed, hand made cotton and silk textiles. In addition to scarves and shawls, we make table linens, cushions, throws and towels. Our products are entirely hand made in Ethiopia from natural fibers.

We have three core values that guide us:

Sustainability: We support and train artisans  to apply their ancient skills to modern, fresh designs. By providing the bridge between the artisan and the global market, we provide reliable income for families.Innovation: Weaving is an ancient craft in Ethiopia but silk was only introduced to Ethiopia about 15 years ago. We adopt traditional technologies to new fibers and products. We remain loyal to tradition while adjusting to contemporary tastes of the world market.Caring for each other: Our products are made with care by people we care about. We create positive work opportunities in Ethiopia, with an emphasis on employment for women. We are members of the World Fair Trade Organization.

How it's made

Inspired by ancient weaving traditions of Ethiopia, Sabahar creates exquisite hand made accessories and linens for the home using locally sourced silk and cotton.

All our products are entirely hand made- from the spinning of the thread to the weaving of the fabric.

Sabahar only uses natural fibers to create our beautiful products. We now have a range of products in cotton, silk, linen and wool. All of the cotton is from Ethiopia and most of the silk we use is also Ethiopian. In fact, Sabahar is one of the only companies in the world making products with Ethiopian silk.

The Ethiopian artisans’ skills combined with our modern design, results in the creation of beautiful handmade products. This focus on the simplicity and purity of the raw materials and processes enables us to create unique, richly textured textiles.