Yellow Cylindrical Planter

$40.00 $80.00

Where it's made

ixöq(ee-sh-auk), which meanswomen in the Mayan dialects, Kaqchikel and Tzutujil, is a social enterprise that works with local women from Mayan communities in Guatemala to create unique, ethically made, locally sourced, fair trade products. Our products are fun, colorful, festive and useful, all while honoring the culture and tradition of the women. ixöq designs each item in partnership with the artisans and our proceeds support the women and the nonprofit or cooperative groups who support them. We ensure that each artisan is paid a fair wage and plays an integral role in the design and creation process. 

How it's made

At ixöq, we pride ourselves on selling high quality well-made products. Our products are fun, whimsical, colorful, ethically made and useful, all while honoring the customs and traditions of the artisan communities of Guatemala. ixöq designs the products but also often give the women artistic license to create & contribute new ideas using the patterns, colors and designs of their choosing.


Our cesta & boxi products are woven using locally sourced cord made from recycled plastic. We have a color catalog that we use but on occasion the color may slightly vary from that shown in the catalog. This again is the nature of small batch production and part of it's charm. Each of these items is also woven by hand using a wooden frame. This helps maintain a standard size but the artisans must work hard to make sure their weaving tension is the same as others so that the product sizes are consistent.