Light Gray with Leopard Print Classic Tiered Wrap Skirt


Where it's made

77% of Ugandans are under 25, and the unemployment rate for young people in Uganda ages 15–24 is 83%. It’s even higher for students with a University degree, as the higher paying jobs are scarce. Vocational training is key to changing the trajectory for Ugandan youth. That’s why the Bududa Learning Center (BLC) is so important to this community. BLC runs a vocational program whose tagline is “skills for jobs”, and that’s exactly what they do. Under amazing leadership, they teach skills to poor Ugandan youth to help empower them to support their families. Students and graduates of the BLC tailoring class lovingly sew items as they learn skills that will provide them a living wage post-graduation.

How it's made

African kitenge fabric, also known as wax print fabric, originated in Indonesia, and is used in East, West and Central Africa. Kitenge fabric is 100% cotton, dyed using the traditional wax resistant technique and comes in beautiful, bright colors and festive patterns. The fabric is a staple throughout Africa and exemplifies the bright spirit and strong faith of the amazing African women we serve.