Our Story

It all started on a mission trip to Rwanda, Africa. There, God touched the heart of our founder, Michele Dudley, and ultimately the heart of our co-founder, Celeste Bundy. From that trip and from their hearts grew a ministry built to empower women around the world. Over time, seeing women suffering from human trafficking and other traumatic circumstances, our local ministry was born.

Now we have a new look. A new name. Yet still the same mission and impact. This journey has spanned over 12 months and 12 focus groups encompassing over 100 people including our own artisans, international partners, key constituents and volunteers, prospective funders and consultants. The journey included multiple surveys and lots of listening and resulted in our revised vision and mission


Our new name is catching up with our mission—a new name that better reflects our outcomes, our why.

Our new logo is beautifully complex and features a bridge visual in the shape of the "W" and signifies bridging the gap between pain and purpose. The "B" and "W" are connected in three places, making the cord of three strands the strongest connection because we are all about impactful connections – the “stitching together” of the letters represents the physical and metaphorical aspects of the artisans working – stitch by stitch, bead by bead, day by day – to become brave.