Baya Bracelet


Where it's made

Purposefully made by young women rescued from sex-trafficking in Quito, Ecuador. Due to high rates of poverty and unemployment, as well as a lack of education, Ecuadorian women are at an increased risk for sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Through Case Adalia, Education Equals Hope provides young women who have survived various forms of sexual exploitation and relationship violence a place to recover and thrive. These young women and their children are given hope through a team of staff and volunteers who derive their compassion from deep faith.

How it's made

The aritsans of Case Adalia create unique and stunning pieces by repurposing the natural resources found right in their home country. Acai seeds are taken from its fruit to be hand dried, dyed, and shellacked and used in bracelets or necklaces. The tagua nut used in our earrings has been nicknamed the "vegetable ivory" because, just like regular ivory, its natural state is white and has the ability to be carved into any shape! It is hand dried, dyed vibrant colors, and shellacked by the artisans at the tagua workshop run by Johanna.