Betty Necklace


Where it's made

In Charlotte, NC we serve women overcoming situations such as human trafficking, abuse, addiction, incarceration, generational poverty and ethnic persecution. Our team teaches these women, whom we refer to as artisans, to make jewelry and other crafts providing them with supplemental income. In addition, we work with our artisans on their personal development through mentoring and goal setting. We help artisans achieve goals around employment, education, stable housing, continued sobriety, financial literacy, ESL, spiritual growth, supportive community, emotional health and skill development. Local artisans graduate from our program within 3 to 6 months, allowing us to continue to help more women live abundant, purposeful lives.

How it's made

Our Charlotte artisans use beads and components sourced locally and globally. We use a variety of materials, such as recycled glass beads from Ghana, coptic cross pendants from Ethiopia, metal beads from India, and wooden beads from the Philippines to name a few. Each artisan is paid above minimum wage for two hours of production during our weekly jewelry projects. Each necklace, bracelet & earring is handcrafted with great care & love by the vulnerable women we serve. No big factories or machinery, just the hands of women who are working to transform life for themselves and their families.