Small Sisal Woven Basket

$15.00 $30.00

Where it's made

Our executive director serendipitously met Pacific during their partner visit in Rwanda and we cannot believe our luck! Their purpose is to empower women through using their incredible skills, aid them in competing in the international markets and to ensure a higher quality of life. As a part of a cooperative, the women are given a community and are given the opportunity to rise and motivate each other towards development. Through our partnership the artisans are given access to an income that will help pay for life's basics such as as food, shelter, health insurance as well as allow them to save money for their futures.

How it's made

Pacific's traditional baskets are a representation of classic Rwandan craftsmanship, bearing the distinctive character of Rwandan folk art developed over centuries in the land of thousand hills. Each basket is designed with originality and historical authenticity and is hand-woven by a Rwandan artisan using natural materials cultivated or gathered by hand in the ancient manner.