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Our mission is to empower women and families overcoming trauma and injustice, bridging the gap from pain to purpose through:

Impactful Connections

We gather artisans into our community-then we surround and support them with mentors, partners, and resources that equip and empower them.

Inspired Creations

Our artisans handcraft works of art-a restorative process that teaches them skills, instills hope, and ignites their sense of purpose.

Economic Confidence

Artisans are paid upfront for their work emerging as confident contributors to society while gaining momentum toward economic mobility.


Our Local & Global-Made Jewelry, Wrap Skirts, Home Decor, Bags & Accessories are:

Ethically Sourced



Global Reach. Local Impact.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we empower over 500 women and families in the US, Africa, and South & Central America annually.

We serve women who are overcoming traumas such as trafficking, domestic violence, addiction, incarceration, poverty and ethnic persecution.

Our vision is bold.

To be a catalyst for God-inspired transformation through artisan enterprise, leading to abundant and purposeful lives.

BraveWorks is supported, in part, with funding from:

Meet our community

"I admire BraveWorks' ability to bring women from different cultures around a table into a community of support and encouragement."

Kalie Koivisto, Board of Directors Member

"Loving these artisans is truly a blessing. It takes my eyes off myself and makes my heart happy. I tell them, 'I'm just here to love on you and all I ask is that you love me back, because I need it too.'

Norma Dougherty, Mentor

"By creating jewelry and making beautiful works, and knowing others will get to wear these items, I'm able to pass on the encouragement that's been given to me."

Sabrina, Artisan

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