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Why does BraveWorks exist?

BraveWorks exists to be a catalyst for God-inspired transformation in global and local communities through economic empowerment. Learn more about our impact here.


Is BraveWorks a business or a non-profit?

We're both! We are proud to be a 501c3 nonprofit, which means that 100% of your purchases go back into our organization to help the women and families we serve. We pay our artisans upfront for their work and creations, which means all financial risk falls on BraveWorks and not our artisans. Sales from our products provide a stable income for our artisans and support our programs that help them build sustainable futures.


How are BraveWorks Products Sourced and Made?

We are proud to share that our practices are fair and ethical, so below is a list of the ethical principles we hold across all our projects:

  • Our artisans are paid a fair wage or higher within their economic context
  • Our artisans are provided with training in skill development, personal financial management, health and nutrition, and/or other areas of personal and professional development
  • Our artisans are encouraged to further their education where possible
  • Globally, we maintain fair labor standards, working with artisan leaders and NGO’s that are mission-aligned and passionate about empowering women and families
  • We strive for sustainability in our products, seeking out components that are ethically sourced and benefit people throughout the supply chain.  We strive to meet the needs of our world both today and for the future.


Who creates your products?

All of our products are made by women and families who are overcoming trauma and injustice. In Charlotte, the women served, called artisans, are referred by non-profit community partners as they seek to overcome situations such as human trafficking, abuse, addiction, incarceration, generational poverty, and ethnic persecution. Our local artisans engage in deep personal and professional development. Globally, we partner with NGOs and artisan groups in Africa and South and Central America that are empowering women and families through dignified work that provides economic mobility. Our global artisans amaze us with their joy for life, even amidst overcoming the impacts of extreme poverty, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and genocide. Learn more about our artisans and the impactful connections we make here.


How often do you see your artisans?

We have the joy of seeing and working with our Charlotte-based artisans every day! We do our best to visit our global artisans once or twice a year. When visiting our global projects, we build deeper relationships with our artisans and project managers, improve our programs, and develop new designs for creations. We have project managers on site at each of our global projects, and we communicate with them on a weekly basis about product development and the well-being of the artisans that we are privileged to work with.


How much do the artisans get paid for their work and creations?

Both our local and global artisans receive a generous fair wage, appropriate for the community where they live in order to properly care for themselves and their families. Our artisans benefit from enrichment opportunities such as: life skills, emotional and physical health, community, financial literacy, economic empowerment, and spiritual growth.


How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with BraveWorks! From hosting an event to share our mission, serving as an English language coach, or helping with administrative tasks at our shop, we would love your help! Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.


Follow us @braveworksorg, across all social media platforms, and sign up for our emails to learn about our mission and ways to get involved, hear our artisans’ stories, and shop new creations!

Donate Today

The Brave Fund

Your support of our Brave Fund Campaign fuels our mission to empower women overcoming trauma. Join us in making a difference by contributing towards vital operational expenses such as maintaining a space for our artisans’ work and to retain talent critical to the mission. Your gift today helps women move from pain to purpose.  Thank you for joining us in our Brave Movement!