Joy To The World

By: Rachel Kang
Joy is a mother's smile, stretched from ear to ear—a bubbling over of expressible peace as she fashions her first piece of handmade jewelry. Joy is barriers breaking down in circles around woven baskets, women weaving hope and healing over a hurting history with the lacings of Rwandan grass and grace.

Joy is justice drawing lines of opportunity, lines of possibility. It is redemption making right of the wrong that has been said and done to the precious souls behind our precious stones. Joy is the power of purchasing products of purpose. It's the wearing of stories—the struggles and success of women from Charlotte to Mexico to Nepal to Peru.

Joy is our gratitude growing deep within, so much so it bursts and breaks through like songs of the season:

Joy to the world, and,
The weary world rejoices.

We know what brings joy to Fashion & Compassion, but we're curious—what brings joy to you? Is it family circled round bonfires and fireplaces? Is it dinners that last long, lingering late into the night with echoes of conversation?

Whatever it is, we hope you'll carry joy with you like a charm around the neck. Always adorning you, always reminding you of the hope and peace that are yours for the taking.

Rachel Kang is a writer, editor, and the creator of Indelible Ink Writers, an online writing community. Her writing has been featured in The Daily Grace Co., {in}courage, Charlotte Magazine, and Christianity Today. 
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