No Needless Sorrys

Graduation is a special time where we celebrate the accomplishments our artisans made while in our program. Whether they obtained employment, enrolled in college, gained job-readiness skills, or was provided a safe space to shift from pain to purpose, we celebrate!

Many times, our team, mentors, volunteers offer encouraging words that speak to the graduate’s growth, strengths, gifts and how proud we are of them. This is when happy tears are shed. BraveWorks is an organization where we teach artisans skills and strategies to be successful, but it’s also a space where we learn and gain wisdom from them as well.

This week, we celebrated the graduation of two artisans, Janee and Beki, who provided a new motto that we now live by and one that future artisans will come to know..."No Needless Sorrys" has gained traction in our office that now we hold one another accountable for the words that we use. This simple yet profound statement is a reminder that as women we don’t always have to say “I’m sorry” (unnecessarily), that we can stand in truth and acceptance. This is a perfect example of the impact BraveWorks not only has on our artisans, but staff as well.

Written by Lauren, BraveWorks program manager.

#Women's History Month

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