Open Square Stud Earrings


Where it's made

Our metals are handcrafted by single mothers and families living in the tiny village of Cuauchichinola (pronounced “wha-CHI-chi-no-la”), Mexico. The residents of Cuauchichinola have very few options for work, with field labor being the primary employment option. Our dear friend and partner gives these families a better option, transforming their lives with her artisan compound on a hill above the village. Laura, along with daughter Lluvia, pays our artisans $25/day, providing a living wage, allowing them to secure safe and decent housing and food for their families. Your purchase keeps families together in Mexico as they are able to create sustainability in their village.

How it's made

Every piece of metal in our collection, whether it has been hammered, soldered, stamped, or cut is intentionally crafted by artisans working tirelessly to produce quality work while providing for their families. There are three separate workshops on Laura’s compound. Workshop one is where you will find artisans like Flor, Idee and Gerrardo hand hammering, soldering, cutting, sanding, and polishing each piece of nickel-free bronze. On the other side of the workshop you will find Noe hand linking every one of our chains. In workshop two Pedro manages the heavy machinery to manually cut out each shape we use in our earrings and charms and in workshop three Lulu runs the enameling and finer detail work for the products.