Thank you for referring a candidate to the BraveWorks Artisan Program!  We accept clients (Artisans) who are inspired to transform their lives and envision a different future.  Our mission is to create empowerment communities where vulnerable women connect with God, one another and resources as their lives are transformed.  We look forward to partnering with you and your team in order to ensure our mutual clients’ success!


During their time with us, Artisans will have the opportunity to learn work readiness skills through the production of jewelry and other activities, as well as receive personal and professional development through goal setting, small group mentoring, one-on-one coaching and access to resources. No experience in production is required.  However, in order to participate, applicants must be willing to set and work towards goals that we can help them achieve. By participating in this program, Artisans should see the significance of working towards these goals. On average, Artisans participate in our program for three to six months, or until primary goals are met.  If following this time, Artisans have not made progress towards these goals, we will assess if BraveWorks is an appropriate fit. 


We currently host weekly projects each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.  Artisans are only eligible to participate in one project weekly and will be placed in the project that best supports their needs (including language needs and translation).  To learn more about our different projects and the best options for your client, please connect with our Program Manager, at


As a part of participation in BraveWorks’ Artisan program, Artisans  are expected to meet with our Empowerment team to set a personalized success plan to help address short and long-term goals and needs. 


Artisans often establish goals around:


Professional Development

  • Part or Full-Time Employment
  • Continued Education
  • Financial Stability
  • Long-Term, Stable Housing
  • Skill Development


Personal Development:

  • Development of English Language Skills
  • Continued Sobriety & Stability
  • Community Support
  • Emotional Stability
  • OTHER (Goal may not be listed above)


To make a referral please use the attached links or email the following forms to Gloria Robinson at


Agency Referral Form (Online Form)                  Agency Referral Form (PDF)

Artisan Referral Agreement (Online Form)          Artisan Referral Agreement (PDF)