Group Volunteers

To get involved, fill out the contact form below and please indicate the opportunity that interests you. Our volunteer coordinator will do her best to respond within 48 hours!



Host a Party with a Purpose Shopping Event

Location: 1717 Cleveland Avenue, Charlotte NC 28203

 Schedule a day or evening party at the BraveWorks Shop nestled in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. Invite your friends, bible study, professional group, or sports group to hear about the BraveWorks mission while shopping and celebrating women’s empowerment worldwide.


Provide & Serve a Lunch at Wednesday Jewelry Project

Location: 1717 Cleveland Avenue, Charlotte NC 28203

Our Wednesday Projects have lunch and a Bible Study from 12pm-1pm each week. We are always looking for groups who are willing to provide a meal for 10 people.


Write Notes of Encouragement to Artisans

Location: Remote 

This is a project that can be done remotely with a family or a Lifegroup. Write prayer cards or personal encouragements to our artisans.


Other group projects

Location: 1717 Cleveland Avenue, Charlotte NC 28203 

From tagging, to painting projects, to reorganizing, we are always looking for willing groups to volunteer for a project that would be best accomplished with a team.

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