Cattle Horn Vase 8"


Where it's made

Enoch has found the most sustainable business we can imagine. He is a simple family man, but one with a resourceful mind always finding new ways to support his family.  He lives in the slaughter district near Kampala, Uganda. His home is one room made of dirt and wood with no modern conveniences set amidst the slums, but this area is also blessed with laughing children running throughout the village bringing joy to all. He collects the discarded cattle horn from the slaughter houses and turns them into beautiful home goods and jewelry components.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or cattle horn bowls in Enoch’s case!

How it's made

This is a photo of what the cattle horn looks like when Enoch collects it. Our cattle horn is one of the most sustainable and ethically sourced products that we carry. Poor workers in Kampala, Uganda collect the discarded horn from businesses in the beef industry. Our artisans collect the discarded Ankole horns and take them to their modest workshop where they heat the horns to transform them into beautiful bowls, servers, and jewelry components. Each horn is unique in color and texture, so you know that you are getting a one-of-a kind design where no two pieces are alike. We fell in love with the children in this village, who survive on pennies a day yet have smiles from here to the moon!