Leslie & Her Volunteer Experience At BraveWorks

Happy National Volunteer Month!  
We are incredibly grateful for the 100+ volunteers that support our mission each and every day. Mentors, Board members, shop helpers, volunteer models, language coaches, lunch providers, event hosts, and more give their time consistently to help our artisans move from pain to purpose.  
Read more to hear about Leslie’s volunteer experience below.

We appreciate Leslie and all our volunteers for helping our nonprofit thrive and continue to help more women who are overcoming trauma and injustice locally and globally.


"How did you hear about BraveWorks?"
"I heard about BraveWorks from my neighbor who met with Michele Dudley, founder of BraveWorks, at a convention in Denver. When Idella, my friend, moved to Charlotte, she brought me along with other friends to BraveWorks. We shopped around, and it was an exciting atmosphere, and then we found out that BraveWorks had volunteer opportunities available, and I was really interested because it fulfills my need to help people locally and globally.

"What have you enjoyed so far about volunteering with BraveWorks?"
"It's the experience. The staff is engaging. They're warm, and they're friendly. It's just a great experience when you have artisan graduations, which is every 3 or 5 months, an artisan graduates because she met her goal. Braveworks then organizes a graduation ceremony, and it's a very emotional time for the artisan who's graduating and for the mentors and staff because they helped the artisans on their journey to a purposeful life."

"What motivated you to volunteer at BraveWorks?"
"It's the experience. It's the people who come from all walks of life, the artisans, mentors, staff and the team work that's involved. Helping people was a big part of my motivation to join BraveWorks' volunteer program. Although I don't work with the artisans one-on-one I am always here with a smile on my face and I think they appreciate that, and I am willing to give them a hug too if they need it. I also met really nice people here."

"What is your favorite part of volunteering at BraveWorks?"
"This will sound silly to some, but I enjoy tagging all the new merchandise. It's kind of a quiet time for me. I reflect about my life. I think about where I am going to go shopping on my way back home, where I am going to go for the weekend, or which trip I am going to go on next. It's just a quiet time for me to think. I am also in a Bible study class in Tega Cay, South Carolina. So sometimes I would do some reflecting on what I learned from my bible study class."

"Explain your most memorable moment at BraveWorks."
"When I attended one of the graduation ceremonies and listened to Warrennette's mentor, Dawn, who gave an insightful speech, and it just made me feel good about being a part of this organization and good about myself that I made the choice to come here and volunteer and that I could be a part of this purposeful organization."

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