My experience as an intern at BraveWorks

My time at BraveWorks has really changed my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and working with the women here is amazing. Every artisan we see is someone wanting to make something better for themselves and their families. It’s amazing to hear their stories and see how determined they are to make it in another country.

The work itself is very fulfilling. It’s so awesome to make a plan for group, and then you go out and do it, and you see these women connecting and bonding over an activity you made. It’s amazing.

I feel like I keep using the work “amazing” but there’s really no other way to describe how it feels to walk in and so deeply love what you do.

Unfortunately, as my internship is tied to the academic year, my time at BraveWorks is coming to a close. I’m saddened not only for my departure, but because I won’t be able to see these wonderful women so regularly. BraveWorks has set the highest standard in what I want to do and how I deserve to be treated in the workplace. I think I’m insanely lucky to have ended up here, and I hope to continue doing work as meaningful and fulfilling as what I’ve been able to experience here.

By Kayla Roberts

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